If you are looking for outdoor bars in Skopje then you should read this post because I am sure it will be more than useful! Skopje in summertime is maybe not the best place to be because we don’t have any sea and beach bars but still we have a really good outdoor bars in the very city center. Here you can read about my top 3 outdoor bars in Skopje, perfect for summer nights and days.
  • Cresha Bar (Cherry Bar) – this bar has a perfect garden for the summertime nights. Good food, cocktails and nice staff. Location

outdoor bars in SkopjePhoto credits: Google images


  • Brown Sugar Café & Bar – another coffee/cocktail place perfect for summer days. Location 
outdoor bars in Skopje
Photo credits: Facebook profile Brown sugar cafe & bar


  • Izlet kafe – nice place for coffee, very close to the main square. Location
outdoor bars in Skopje
Photo credits: Google images