Skopje Customized Tour
Skopje customized tour

Do you have some special interests? Or you want to choose what to see and when? I am here to help you to make your own customized Skopje tour. With Skopje customized tour you will have an opportunity to create your own itinerary. Sometimes people have just few hours in the city and they have […]

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Skopje Village Tour
Skopje village tour

Are you one of those travelers who is always ready to visit something more than just the city center of the travel destination? Skopje village tour is the right tour for all those travelers who want to explore something more than just the city center and the most famous touristic attractions! With this half day […]

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Skopje Food Tour
Skopje food tour

The Skopje Food Tour is recommended especially for a first time visitors. In few hours you will explore the most beautiful part of Skopje and also try the traditional local food. This tour is not just tasting, we have a full breakfast and lunch so please do not forget to bring your appetite 🙂 During […]

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Free Skopje Tour for Instagramers
Skopje Instagramers

The Free Skopje tour for instagramers is the right tour for you if you want to see the city of Skopje from another point of view and take the best photos for Instagram! During this Skopje tour for Instagramers we will skip the classic touristic tour and will try to explore the city from another […]

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Free Skopje Walking Tour
Skopje walking tour

The concept of this FREE Skopje walking tour is very unique because we work always in small groups (min 1 – max 10), so this is not the right tour if you are looking for a big group and party atmosphere. We love to spend time talking with our guests, share experiences and making new […]

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